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benefits of search engine optimization

In this Digital era, everyone wants to make their own digital presence. And they want to make their brand presence very strong in the internet world. So SEO is considered as one of the best technique for effective brand presence. Search engine optimization shortly called as SEO it is a technique used to optimize a website…
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How does the search engine works

How does the search engine work? Ever wondered how many times you use a search engine to search for information? If you take Google as an example it handles more than 40000 searches per second and 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.5 trillion searches per year. The search engine has become a part of…
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Social Media In Digital Marketing

Social media is a platform which not only connects people worldwide but also educates and serves best for Digital Marketing. Digital marketing is a practice which is usually performed to connect the identified target audience to the business owners. This helps in expanding the business quickly and efficiently. Role of social media platforms in digital marketing…
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